Tipping Etiquette Know-How

A live sex cam platform is like any other form of social media – it has its rules and unwritten postulates. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the free contents. After all, a person needs to convince himself or herself in the top quality of the service before proceeding to purchase credits or tip off a model whose show was particularly good.

Most newbies to this part of the adult entertainment industry often ask themselves how to start a conversation or ask for something a little bit kinkier without appearing to be taking things too far. The answer is never simple and it may differ from one individual to the other.

Still, one has to learn a few basic facts about the tipping etiquette in order to do it right. Let us start by saying that bad language, insults, violent outburst, and getting into the role of the abuser or the hater are an absolute no-no.

The models are there to bring viewers to the highest levels of virtual pleasure and raise their self-confidence. Which does not mean that they are the user’s puppet. People who want to be treated with respect must show it first. Acting rude or downright aggressive means that one will be thrown out of the castle of digital sexual fulfillment and that one’s account will be suspended.

One more thing that clients should not do under any circumstance is to get drunk to the point of amok in the sex chat room. Having one or two drinks while you and the model are experiencing a good time is one thing but falling into unconsciousness in the middle of a private show is another. Don’t waste your time and purchased credits, as well as that of the host!

Did You Know?

The best way to impress a model is not by sending her or him an obscure image of yourself or your body. Everybody deserves to be treated gently and with a kind attitude! Clients will have better chances getting their favorite host’s attention by saying something nice or presenting them with a nice virtual gift.

Separate The Virtual From The Actual Reality

Every person on the planet is entitled to having his or her very own private life. The user has his and the models have their own. It is wonderful that there is a place where both can come together but viewers should never try to interfere with a host’s personal business.

Even if fate has set things forth so that the client and the model have accidentally met in real life it would be a mistake for one to think that he actually knows the performer. She or he is there to entertain and the user is there to enjoy it.

Keep it simple so that everyone can leave the private or public sex chat happy and content!

Pick Your Live Sex Chat Time Frame Wisely

Lots of clients make the mistake of only visiting live adult entertainment websites only in the after-midnight hours when such digital ventures are basically over-crowded and it is extremely hard to get a host from the list of favorites as all of them are taken. Needless to say, the hosts are usually exhausted and tiredness puts a stop to their creativity and playfulness.

The wisest thing to do here would be to check when your top hosts of choice are usually online or prearrange a private session with them and only go to the live sex cam provider’s platform when you are certain that the models are going to be there.

Users, otherwise, risk losing time and funds while searching amongst lesser-quality boys and girls that simply don’t get it on for the individual person. Opt for the best and neatly fit them in your personal schedule!

Genuine Display Of Emotions Is Not Something Bad

Live chat rooms should not be viewed as confessional rooms but users do have a fair chance of getting the model’s attention if they share a fact or two about themselves. Being human is a trait that both models and clients share. There is nothing shameful in sharing unless one takes it to the extreme.

Private Chat Rooms Are Not Porn

There is a thin red line which separates the porn and live sex cam spheres. Sure, many models are willing to take it up a notch and present a performance that will continue fantasizing about long after the show has ended.

But don’t expect a raunchy show of every private part that the model has. This kind of behavior is more likely to get the user suspended than make him or her a preferred client. Keep it cool and simple without ringing the alarm.

Live sex chat websites are amazing digital spots where people can explore their sexuality and learn how to appreciate themselves and others more. Use them for what they are – a secret hedonistic oasis where erotic fantasies become reality for a given period of time.

Tip, Send Gifts, & Stay Satisfied!

Making the model feel appreciated and respected can help users get exactly what they want. Clients must also make sure to send virtual gifts and include their preferred hosts in the list of favorites. This will allow them to reserve private shows easier and know when the top performers are online.

There is nothing all that hard to complying with the basic rules of live sex chatting. Much like in real life, having a warm, polite, and friendly attitude that goes along with a bright smile will sometimes work better than tipping or using tokens and credits.


Jason Frew is from Manchester, UK. He is interested in everything related to sex and blogging. When he is not dealing with reviewing the newest sex cam site, he spends his time reading, taking long strolls with his dog, and practicing various types of sports.

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